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South coast NSW

Warm water, hot days and the foothills of Australia’s tallest mountain.

Get there

Fly in and out of Canberra or drive along the coast from Melbourne (6+ hours)

Stay for

7+ days to enjoy more than one coastal town.

Don’t miss

The beaches. Swim every day that you can.

The itinerary

Day 1

Fly to Canberra and rent a car

See a little bit of the Nation’s Capital; Parliament House, The National Gallery (one of my absolute faves), the National Portrait Gallery, drink coffee at The Cupping Room on University Ave.

Drive to Bateman’s Bay.

Days 2-3

Go to the beach as much as you can at Bateman’s Bay.

Or do some of these other things.

Days 4-5

Drive to Merimbula and go to the beach as. much. as. you. can.

Or do some of these other things.

Drive to Jindabyne.

Day 6

Get up early and hike!

Drive to Charlotte Pass in Kosciuszko National Park, from there you can do a number of day hikes.

Drive back to Jindabyne for a well earned snooze.

Day 7

Drive back to Canberra and fly home. See how many random country towns you can stop in on the drive, see how many award winning Vanilla Slices you can find.


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